Former Ambassador

Last and first name Period Picture
1 S.E M PORQUET Jean 19-06-1yyy the 19-06-205y
2 S.E M AILLOT ABOUT Charles 19-06-205y the 19-06-206y
3 S.E M BROU Casimir 19-06-206y the 19-07-1yyy
4 S.E M DE MEL Théodore 19-07-1yyy the 19-07-208y
5 S.E M ESSY Amara 19-07-208y the 19-08-1yyy
6 S.E M ANOMA Joseph Georges 19-08-1yyy the 19-09-1yyy
7 S.E M KOUAME Koffi 19-09-1yyy the 19-09-206y
8 S.E M ESMEL Louis 19-09-206y the 20-0m-yyyy
9 S.E M KOUAME N'Goran dd-mm-2000 the dd-mm-2006
10 S.E M DIARRASSOUBA Mamadou Emmanuel 0d-mm-2007 the 0d-mm-2011
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